Take Your Direct Sales Biz to a Whole NEW Level!

YOU can be your own Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

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Learn the marketing strategies that built my 6-figure direct sales biz.


7 self-paced video training lessons to teach you how to become the CMO of your biz!


Workbook with bonus content + worksheets to solidify your learning. You’ve got this!



Action steps for you to complete as you go, so you’re not wasting time! Grow as you go!

Here’s How!

Instead of *trying* to figure it ALL out on your own, let me give you a jump start.

I’ve taken all my experience in marketing strategy and the marketing lessons I’ve learned along my direct sales journey and wrapped it up so you don’t HAVE to spend a ton of time figuring out what works… and what doesn’t!

And, I break down exactly HOW to do it.

That way you’ll have the confidence you NEED to get going FAST.

With Smart Marketing Strategies You’ll Walk Away:


Ready to smash your goals with a 12-month content strategy for your website, blog, social media and email list.


As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of your Direct Sales biz with a solid personal brand! Stand out, girl!!!


Confident in meeting new customers out of your friend zone through executing effective pop-ups + events.

Get instant access to Smart Marketing Strategies including 7 training modules + workbook NOW!

When it comes to marketing your direct sales biz, there’s SO MUCH to learn.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Enter your secret weapon! ME! My background is in marketing strategy AND I’ve built a 6-figure direct sales biz.

Let me show you EXACTLY:

  • How to stand out from allll the other direct sellers out there! Create your personal brand.
  • How to ensure your personal brand is visible in your day-to-day AND on social media! Build your brand online and offline.
  • How to keep your biz in front of your customers! Build an automated email marketing strategy!
  • How to engage customers and potential customers! Scripting AND batching so you show up consistently for your customers!
  • How to meet new customers out of your friend-zone! With tips on finding and executing effective pop-up and vendor events!


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Hey Hey, I'm Becky

Becky Launder is the CEO and founder of myConsultantTraining.com, author of 52 Tips: Build a Thriving Direct Sales Business, brains behind the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Direct Sales Insights Survey.  Becky is known for modernizing the direct sales industry with her Modern Direct Seller Framework which is being adapted across companies worldwide.

She and her husband, Jeremy, deliver training, tools and courses for direct sellers on topics ranging from email marketing, website development and personal branding. Becky’s usually running from one kid activity or biz meeting to the next trying not to spill her coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the course?

A: Smart Marketing Strategies includes 7 modules. They include self-paced video trainings, plus a little independent homework on your own. I would plan to spend 3-4 hours in total to get through the course.

Q: What materials are included?

A: You will receive access to the training videos and workbook that includes bonus content and worksheets.

Q: How long do I have access to the courses?

A: You have lifetime access to the course and materials.

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